3D-Mesh Modell

At Plan 3D, we use a conjunction of technological solutions like 3D-Laserscanning, drone photogrammetry and digital photography to generate high-resolution 3D-Mesh Models of existing buildings. 3D-Mesh models are cost-efficient substitute to 3D-BIM models as the workflows are generally much shorter and highly automated. 3D-Mesh models are the perfect solution for material/texture documentation of the building, 3D-Visualization, heritage conservation planning, surface damage documentation, etc.

3D-Mesh Model

A 3D mesh model serves as a mathematical representation of a three-dimensional object, composed of interconnected triangles delineating the object's surface. Point clouds, on the other hand, consist of collections of points situated in three-dimensional space and are employed to represent actual objects or surfaces. Point clouds can be generated through various techniques like laser scanning, photogrammetry, or structured light.

One method for transforming a point cloud into a 3D mesh involves employing a procedure known as Scan2Mesh. This process entails analysing the data within the point cloud and fitting a mesh onto the points to create a surface that precisely represents the object's geometry. Various algorithms can be employed for mesh reconstruction, each with its unique strengths and limitations. The configuration of meshes can be adjusted, for instance, by altering the number of triangles used to describe surfaces in an idealized manner. The quantity of triangles determines the edge length, consequently affecting the precision of a 3D mesh in relation to the actual 3D-scanned object. A higher number of triangles and smaller edge lengths result in more detailed and accurate representations of spatial structures or objects, even if they are irregular in shape.

Once a 3D mesh has been generated, it can serve a multitude of purposes. It can be rendered and displayed in 3D graphics software, employed for 3D printing, or subjected to technical and scientific analyses. Additionally, 3D meshes find extensive utility in 3D-Visualization, where they are employed to depict objects in images or videos.