3D-Photogrammetry or the so-called "Structure from Motion" method (SfM) is a non-contact and thus non-destructive measuring method that is used in many areas of surveying, building and as-built documentation or the preservation of buildings and archaeological monuments. The results are rectified measurement images that can depict building structures in high resolution.

How does 3D Photogrammetry work?

To achieve highly accurate surveying results, coded or uncoded reference points are placed on the building object or its surroundings before the surveying These are determined using GPS or a total station in a local or global position and height reference system, depending on the customer's requirements.

The object to be measured is then photographed from different angles and viewpoint planes using digital cameras. This can be done manually or, for example, by aerial flight using a drone.

The images are then transferred to a data processing software in the office on the computer and processed further there: The software enables the processing of the overlapping images of an object, room, building or terrain into dense point clouds, structured polygon networks, georeferenced orthogonal point cloud images, digital 3d-mesh surface and terrain models.

Drone-assisted Photogrammetry
HD-Photographic Photogrammetry
3D-Scan + 2D-Photos Photogrammetry