Drone Surveying

With drones, large areas or facades or roofs that are difficult to access or cannot be scanned from the ground can be surveyed and measured very cost-effectively and in high detail with image or video capture. The image data can be used to create 3D mesh models and orthogonal point cloud images using photogrammetry workflows. You are welcome to contact us for any of your project requirements. We are at your disposal with our expertise in Drone Surveying.

Drone Surveying

For the surveying of facades of high buildings (e.g. church towers) or roofs that are not load-bearing can be problematic for stationary 3D-Laserscanners such as Leica Total Stations or FARO Focus Premium. So, in these cases, aerial drones are used for surveying. Digital video or photo cameras are installed on the drones, which are operated remotely. Large areas can be surveyed over and data-captured in a relatively short time. The results of this data capture process can be 3D point clouds or 3D mesh models, which can complete the building survey in conjunction with the data capture by tachymeter and 3D laser scanner.

4K-Video Recording
4K-Photo Capture

The reference of the measurement series of the different measurement systems to each other is established via control point measurements.

In addition to the technical drone flying and surveying, the service also includes the necessary approval procedures for obtaining the flight permit. Depending on the location of the object, this can be an additional effort not to be underestimated, which we will gladly take over for your project.